Utopic Dreams

(this is poetry.)


Not really here for romance

but I’ll take a little if I can


My heart yearns for a royal nation

where the woman walks onside the man


Rhythm in hand, feet in sand

Ground of blessed peace and sacred union


Orange flags wave high above the tents

Tents with plants and sage inside of them


Trees in the West and Sea in the East

Children wear green and display maturity


Music in the fortress

Light through the waves


Vibrations of passion and nights of pain

Pain of demons who come to heal

The mothers of the earth fix them all a spill

and a potion to last for another life

Those demons create longevity

for the everlasting light


Angels are the same of the demons we know,

their light is the darkness after the healing makes growth


Letting the men do the work that the women direct

and the children scribe the language in the nation of hope


Bliss and light, purple eyes

Brown homes by the stream, visual representation

conveying the stories of the lucid dreams


Insights of past and future revelations

Concentrated from the womb and heart of the matriarchy


And the silent war of the mind and heart,

they keep balance when the waters part


The ripples invite chaos to start

and reflections to sway

The calm comes when divine order leads the day