To Heal, To Be Free

Imagine if the nurturers and leaders of this world said, "It's not my responsibility to teach, fuck them. They do nothing for me. I'll stay loyal to my damned self."

That's what's going on in the communities (yes, there is progression too). We've forgotten to take care of one another in the midst of this trend of self-love, and to add, we seclude ourselves and hold on to this belief that we are of no use to others if we aren't "whole" within ourselves. We become whole through learning, evolving, being, and healing, which involves interacting and connecting with other entities. We don't exist in a vacuumed reality, none of us do. All interactions, religions, practices, cultures, and lifestyles hold value and have something beneficial to give to another.

Example: "Gentrification". The entire development of civilization as we know it may have been built on the heads and backs of my darker ancestors but who curated it? Who curated these systems that we benefit from? These curations were inspired by earlier phases of this life but the experiences are what is true because they have been lived. Everyone played a vital role in getting to this point in progression, we are all responsible for our fate.  

The narrative that my ancestors did things unwillingly or that they didn't know their own powers and were therefore completely controlled by an equal being is what keeps our communities dependent on the reinforcement of these systems that we're fighting so hard to break down. We all have choices and wills. To believe that my ancestors didn't know their own wills and that their spirits didn't understand the cost of their own creation is no longer relevant. 

Humanity needs to be healed. Families and communities need to be healed. Kinship needs to be healed, from the illusions and deception that we do not control our own fates and destinies. That healing does not include separation or an act of self-love that avoids interacting or phases of discomfort. 

If you want answers to why the destruction of the world has influenced the weather, environment, social politics, travel to visit the origin of your existence. Go back to the root, physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and heal through meditation of being. You’ll see why nature reacts and repairs herself the way that she does by growing through your very own consciousness. 

(Remember to drink water and breathe, my loves.)