A Letter to Sistahood

The petty noise and conversation is a distraction from the fact that we need to hug. I invite conditioning to this expressive space to help me translate a few factors of why we are complicit in the distraction anyway. There’s societal patriarchy which pushes us to the side, if we allow it, and tells us that the only work we should be doing is waiting for orders from men nearby, and while we wait, feed the people, make sure we clean and clothe them, clean the living space and outside it too, and remain looking as physically pleasant as possible.

While we do this, men are fighting other men, as a way for them to stay distracted from hugging as well. Then we they finish fighting, they sit, drink, and talk about their desires of what’s to come instead of what their intuitions are guiding them to create. Us sistas don’t do much tapping in and listening to our intuition either because the petty noise and conversation is the focus. How bogus!

          Let me also mention sistas, patriarchy only seems evil because anything that is one-sided is not balanced in progression, or ascension, or love. Yet, no better is being one-sided in divine feminine energy. I’ve noticed friction between sistas who are tapped deeper into their masculine energy and sistas who are content in their feminine energy. Also, the friction between sistas who walk in balance of both divine energies and those who only walk on one side. It is a vivid reflection of why patriarchy exists and how imbalances can prevail.

          Masculine energy is passive, while feminine is active, yet we are living backwards. For this active factor, the feminine relies on the masculine for protection but not in the will of disorder and chaos. The divine feminine is restorative and must restore its balance before re-aligning with the masculine and leading the union to balance by way of active order.

          Sistahood has been miserable and illusory. I believe the rebalance is waiting between the connectivity of our bosoms. We need to hug, we need to be reminded of peace, harmony, and that our reflections, visions, and intuitions are divine guides for any and every tribe. Imagine the subconscious of a person who spent months growing inside of the womb of a sista who spent her entire pregnancy gossiping, complaining, engaging in pettiness and toxic habits, and living within an imbalanced mind and body. Imagine the healing that is needed once this person becomes aware of the subconscious effects of this development.

          So why do we feel more comfortable in a toxic state? The toxicity is the negative leadership, influence, and reflections that harm us, our sistas, our brothas, and the lives of those who pass through our wombs. Nothing in this letter is intended to create a savage portrayal of sistahood, but it is an observation of the toxic state that sistahood experiences and witnesses.

          The beauty of acknowledgment and keeping ourselves in check is that resolution is always present and waiting to be attained. Our misery and toxicity is healable, and we ourselves possess every tool to overcome the darkness and to heal, balance, and shine for ourselves and for one another. We deserve all that we need, but our restoration must internally and externally transform the conditions and conditioning of separation. We have no enemies outside of our own faults and darkness. Forgiveness, empathy, compassion, and light will show us through this evolution, revolution. Humanity and its light rest inside our wombs, that we must nurture before we are too consumed in our doom.

I believe in our highest power, our collective ascension. I see the unity and synchronicity of sistahood and the future of the balanced collective. Sistahood will be revolutionized by open, compassionate hearts, balance and disciplined minds, and revitalized wombs. Sista girls, we’ve got work to do.