Land of Disgust and Disguise and Predictions on the Great New America


I heard a man say, “future writer” on the television today. It was so striking. How could he determine whether another being is or is not yet a writer? 

We’ve fought so many wars and battles in America over constitutional laws, sometimes I wonder if the first lawmakers intended for the structure to be led the way that it is today. I’m talking about man-made laws that were supposed to keep the order of basic life standards within a culture that has become the sole life source for masses. Life is grander than American governmental standards unless we have certainly forgotten that these lands are a very small makeup of this earth. The amount of governing we’ve assimilated to as a people, its conditions, and subjective injustices, and how we willingly exude energy into the pits of politics is like watching slaves stand aside a traveling wagon that has come to gather people to dig up someone else’s treasure, yelling, “Pick me!”.

The enthusiasm of being an American in 2017 is the consequence of your sarcasm that makes your mother slap you on the hand, even though she is humored as well, but expects you to behave. American culture of the Donald Trump era is comical and redundant because Donald is a vivid reflection of post-captured America. From my eye, nothing is disgusting or ignorant about his position and its normalcy if he’s only doing what I’ve always known men of his caliber to do. This experience of witnessing a country of people hate one man for saying things that they don’t like or agree with is motivating, to say the least.  

If an entire country can spend time paying attention to a minstrel show that doesn’t involve a brown-skinned man on display and being laughed at and ridiculed then that must mean the time has come to come out of hiding and organize around the actual needs of our communities. America is going through a phase of rebirth and there is a movement of people who see ahead of the chaos and are planning for the future of cleansing and healing, as the results and consequences of this political era prove critical for the means to heal humanity.  

The youngest generations of writers and expressionist aren’t going to be as consumed with dwelling on the politics more than they will be focused on making changes within its arena. New age climate control will go deeper within the core of actual conditioning of the systems within our environment and that means internal evaluations and more growth of self-awareness. Those that use their voice through literature, visual arts, and speech will use the platform of expression being emphasized by the country’s new president and capitalize off of one of our very own constitutional rights that has been unjustly excluded from many American citizens for far too long. 

As the chaotic reflections brew and create a steam of high passion, the movement of self-sufficiency within an atmosphere of vain co-dependency will continue to open people up to possibilities of governing their own psyche without consumption of hopeless leadership from another. The conditioning of relying on and expecting one small cabinet of individuals made up of the same ideologies and backgrounds to make mass decisions for an entire country will cease to be as relevant as change making within close-knit communities. 

Without America’s new president, how else would the attention have shifted from black culture onto the struggles of the “top tier” American hierarchy? How else would we have gotten the rest of the cameras to follow the white male gaze as brown-skinned people take the time to self-reflect and build from within? In the land of disgust and disguise, a revolution of the mind, heart, and spirit is arising.