Fall to God

To where do the Gods fall?

Do they ask for help?

I don’t recall them

falling in the first place,

their eyes didn’t show me

that they weren’t well

Or through my light

they just didn’t reflect hell 

Perhaps the question is,

“What reason did they need

to visit from the sky? 

Did Mother Earth send them a sign?

Did she call for some assistance?

To help bring forth the vision?

Were the nonbelievers growing plenty?”

I’d imagine

they stretched too unfulfilled,

there was no more problems to kill 

No more decisions to make, 

no more souls to take 

The work load is for the grounded, 

ancestors are swamped with drama 

The people must do the honor 

of delivering themselves from trauma 

The Gods must fall to blend in

to show the people their truest reflections 

I would hold in my heart the message, 

as a Goddess who too shines reflection, 

“Be calm. Redemption is at rest. 

Don’t wait it until you’ve affirmed your best,”

“Your principles must keep you aware. 

Don’t sway too low, the Gods have fallen 

to protect and to select those who are 

opened from the eye of benevolence.”