Breathe Me In

I suppose it'll rain today... Breathe me in. 

Seven o’clock after sunrise seems to be the slowest hour. It’s where I find the memories of 6:17 lingering and very few cars passing and nerves take up more space of jumping in my chin and the herbal tea that I’ve steeped feels even more relaxing. The hour is graceful and requests that I slow down to meditate. 

I’ve made a life out of assisting and what an honor is it to be healthy, healed, and helpful. What an honor it is to use my mind, my eyes, my smile, my energy, for helping people feel more complete. Reflection is one of my favorite things because of the reminder that we are all, already complete sometimes it’s just the energy that we need. 

The energy is low, or slow, and we question our sanity especially in this society where everything is so illusory and fast paced. Is there nourishment in any of it? I’m not sure of that. See, we’ve done more bad than good through our over-compensating. Not reflecting on our own abilities, our own energy, but subscribing to the belief that there is more to need. What more could you build onto your reflection as you stand in the mirror bare? A cover up? New hair? There is enough greatness in who we are under there. The light of our soul doesn’t shine from the outside in… It is a reflection of our energy sparkling underneath our skin.

My energy loves the rain, the water, and melancholy hours. There’s much reflection in the water, in silenced thought. No one is moving fast and emotions have space to be calm. It is easier to exhale this way. It’s easier to balance on the surface once there’s been cleansing from the rain. Reflection is cleansing, it helps you purge the pain, the cloudiness, the darkness. Reflection is self-care.

Reflection is the reminder that, "It is time, to breathe me in."