Help At Home (Call To Action)

I don’t know if I’m the last self-proclaimed intellectual artist from the hood who still lives in the hood but in New Orleans, all around my body are brothas and sistas full of despair, illness, addictions, depression, desperation, and surely unnatural medicines who need just as much help as the brothas and sistas across seas and near U.S. borders. It seems that it’s easier to collectively talk about U.S. slavery, capitalism, and racism, and pick at the effects of it but not consider that it takes actual attention and work for recovery and revitalization from those things. 

I live in New Orleans and I don’t know if I’m the only one who has noticed that we also experienced a breach of a border, yeah, remember the water that rushed through the 9th ward and killed folks’ mothers and grandfathers? Even over a decade ago and we still haven’t healed from it. 

Yes, we! Although the movements of progression are manifesting and growing in depth, the strong majority is still sick from suffering for so long. That’s just the factor of a disaster situation over a decade ago, not including those isms and U.S. oppression mentioned earlier. 

An exercise: take a walk down the main streets of the 3rd ward, the 9th ward, the 8th ward, or any ward where brown faces sweat in heat and children roam asking for dollars so that they can eat while the elders sit on their steps and not say shit and police cameras surveillance everything. 

I’m not dwelling on the negative. I’m taking you to the arena of the heavy trends where poverty and illnesses are prevalent. Peace and light to all in need of refuge, healing, and abundance yet around here, there’s work to do and there are a million ways to get to it. 

Much of what I’ve said here has been inspired by the elite brown skinned artists of the city who struggle with the compassion tip when it doesn’t involve money for keeping up with their desires. I understand your mind, I feel your soul, and I want you to know that there are people right outside of your door who could also use the inspiration of your glow, or your gold, whatever you feel called to share. 

I hope your hearts open to needs that have always been here.


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