Gypsy Transcend

"I have nothing to say today." Seems like a first but there were many times in those very passionless days where I would have either nothing to say and melancholy found its way or I would have too much to say and would find myself later reflecting on why I said the things that I did. I'm hardly accepting of my own actions, they always get backlash or subtle harassment in the form of misunderstanding from those around me who think they know me so close but don't quite overstand that evolution is the ultimate change and that evolving is and always has been my wave. The spirit guides me. 

I opened up my awareness to the spirit world and my intuition grew happy because I no longer had to make decisions based on my body or my mind, but still balancing them to be aligned. "She's impulsive." "She's weird." "She's young." "She hasn't hit rock bottom yet." "She'll learn." From the mouths of those who look at me cross-eyed when I speak of spirit, intuition, and healing. I speak a different language from them and I must be from another village. The Brown Gypsy, how did I get to this place of New Orleans chillin?

I was resurrected. I was stripped from my body and brought to another realm of the living. Then brought back to get some things that I forgot, like my peace, my throne, my voice, and the foundation of my home. I came back just to transcend again, this time though, I've learned the lessons. It's time to move along again.

When I go this time, I won't look back on those who cry or complain. The souls who have mated with mine, who overstand the ways, the whys, and how we intertwine will be alright and with me along the way. No more accompanying misery out of sympathy, that is not my job as a leader. I am here to feel, to water, to heal, to conquer. 

The Brown Gypsy's mission, uplifting light love for the royal and protected. Healing for and through cultural progression.