"Dear Fear..."

Dear Fear, 

         Peace, how is your day? Does anyone ever ask you how your days are? Probably not, because everyone’s afraid of you, just like you’re afraid of us. I hope your day is light, anyway.

         My day is peaceful, lively, as my days mostly are. I love life and peace and as much as I can practice living through peace and love, that is the route that I take. Sometimes I see you on that route, with your color schemes that don’t resonate. I see you very lonely, always looking for company and I see you find it too. That usually turns into a sad story… Until the company decides to move on and no longer with them do your colors resonate as well.

         The times when I’ve been in your company, you always ran circles around me but I’ve made an art out of pivoting so you never could get me where you wanted me. Also, I’m Pisces, and we all know what that means (maybe). I have friends like hope, imagination, faith, and spirit friends guiding me. Then there is light inside of me that radiates when I decide to blink, yep, it’s that easy. 

         You’ve made your move on all of my kindred but the light that I just mentioned, connects them to spirit as well. Fear, did you know that? Did you know that my kindred radiate light as well? They’re protected just as I am. Spirit holds onto my light and pulls me right through your shadow and I find myself free and weightless. No impatience, hesitation, complications, sad faces, or anxiety. I find myself free.

         Imagine that… And hold on a sec. I need to speak to spirit. “Thank you, Spirit! I am happy that you guide me. I am FEELed with gratitude, eternally.”

         Fear, I honestly wish the best for you and your journey but it will not include me. 


                                                        Love and light, 

                                                        The Brown Gypsy