Cosmic Copper


Sleeping next to you  

is the horizontal gateway   

to the portal of black grace

stride, strain, and sensitivity  


Widly cosmic, these ancestral planes  

that call us through this state  

willingly and unafraid, we join

the lightwave, and explore Godrays


I feel your breath and the way 

you’ve been breathing since you were seven

I feel your veins, vibing with pressure

of your blood type A, how supreme


May you feel what I mean

when I say that I truly believe  

I was chosen to co-pilot your dreams  

why else would I see these things? 


Speaking of seeing, 

there is a resurrection of patience here,

mindful behavior and cooperation  

with these planes and waves and  

the process of choosing to stay  

situated in this journey  


Speaking of choices,  

here’s to, determination  

of self-awareness and that  

the focus of these dreams are to  

protect the magic  


The magic of brown man passion,

sensitivity, and whatever has outlasted 

your deep suffering  


Sleeping next to you  

reminds me to stay focused  

on how I’m asked to move over  


In a way to get me closer to your  

sacred portal that may easily open  

if I move closer, warmer,


Enticed as spirit plays the dozens  

like hocus pocus and purposely  

leading to appear as if control  

of your frequency and distraction  

from this cosmic and innocent dream  

could take over  


What better way to tarnish  

the sacred kinship of brown, 

intimiate, magical soldiers  

than to influence the actionary  

to pass over the boundaries  

of respect and masculine soul  


Sleeing next to you  

never had to mean I also  

had to bend over and take  

the sauce of your soul  

because my feet were cold  

and yours weren’t  


Sleeping next to you  

actually inspires me to find  

my own warmth and to journey  

my own stride, strain, and sensitivity  

then to reinforce the value of why 

you’re actually laying here with me  

to follow through legacy honoring divinity