A Shea, for the One that Got Away


Raw shea butter

reminds me of an old lover

who would ring my line

as soon as the sun would rise

that man loved me,

raw shea butter reminds me

I remember the summer he

would dig his entire hand

in that jar of shea butter

just to annoy me,

he knew shea butter wasn’t cheap

Yet, he would rub me

back to calmness

back to presence

back to the moment

as he’d massage my creases

and my cuffs

You know the ones

that look like the darkest jam

stuck comfortable over cellulite,

his hands were small

and that was alright

my temple knew

they belonged to a Pharaoh

and besides, the  

sparkle in my cells couldn’t tell  

He’s moved on now

to some other land

to some other Goddess

who’ll feed him well

and who gets to smell

his armpits after his showers

and she’ll get to bring him flowers


I wonder

if he’d like to hear

the stories that I tell

about the time

he used all of the

raw shea butter